Quick wrap up

After years of working with my Commodore 64 I eventually stepped up to the Amiga 500.  I was living in Europe at the time and wow was that machine popular there.  It was my first experience with a true face to face computer club.  It was really cool.  He I was an American kid hanging out with a bunch of Dutch Amiga nerds.  Eventually a second American joined the club.  While games was my initial driver for going with the Amiga I started to see other things that the machine was capable of, sound and video editing to name a couple.  It was a pretty amazing time in my growth in electronics.

Going back to radio.  At that time, 1989-1992, there were still plenty of shortwave radio stations around.  While I was unable to bring my computer to work there was always a radio.  When I traveled around Europe my shortwave radio was always with me.  With the wall coming down between East and West Germany both legal and clandestine shortwave stations were plentiful. 

A quick leap forward to present day and I can say that I am still very interested in both computers and radio.  I play around with my PCs and Raspberry Pi computers working on various projects.  I am now a ham radio operator and still an active shortwave radio listener.  The tools (toys) are a little cheaper to purchase these days and honestly more effective. 

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